Opera Cake


Sponge soaked in espresso-infused syrup, layered with coffee-flavoured French buttercream and dark chocolate ganache, finished with a chocolate glaze and edible gold paper pieces.

Minimum order of 2 units

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We think that the Opéra cake was most likely invented by the famous French pastry chef Gavillon who apparently named it in tribute to a prima ballerina  in the Parisian Opera.

The cake has 6 acts- 3 layers of ganache, French buttercream, chocolate ganache and a dark chocolate glaze

Its usually decorated with a piece of edible gold- whatever shape this takes

All products are hand-made by pastry chefs made with natural ingredients. Contains no artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives.Shelf-life 3-4 days stored in fridge.
Allergens: Wheat, dairy, egg, nuts, soya


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