Gluten-Free Chocolate Fudge Cake Square x 5


Box Contains 5 units of:

• Gluten-free chocolate fudge cake square



As we are passionate about making quality dessert and confectionary products for those on a gluten-free diet, we can assure you that our gluten-free products taste like ‘normal’ products, and have no grainy aftertaste. This rich and moist gluten-free chocolate sponge recipe contains no rice flour, starch or xanthan gum. The sponge is complemented  with a decadent, smooth creamy whipped dark chocolate ganache icing, made using Belgian dark chocolate and The Village Dairy (Carlow) artisan cream.

Please note that hazelnuts are used for decorative purposes only and are not included on the product

Hand-made in Carlow by artisans using natural ingredients. Listed with the Coeliac Society of Ireland.

Shelf-life 3-4 days stored in fridge.

Allergens: Milk, egg, soya, tree nuts


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